Sending out an SOS Sirens of Silence Charity
Sending out an SOS
Sirens of Silence Charity
Sending out an SOS
Sending out an SOS

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959 days ago, Brendan created this page and gave everything for Sirens of Silence Charity:

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My Story

Today I hit the road for my first run without the comfort of a treadmill in a very long time, appears I'm not quite ready for 28 May HBF run For A Reason, which really comes as no surprise #imissedlegsday and every other day in the gym for 7 years.

I came home, felt deflated and thought you just ran, it hurt and you didn't make it the full 4kms.

Until recently this was the only thought I would have had and then it would have contributed to my downward spiral.

Then I received a notification of a donation towards the run. To those who have already donated and to my cousin Mikey who provided today's positive spark, I sincerely thank you.

Earlier this year I suffered silently at first then I made a decision to not suffer alone, to not give up the fight, I reached out for help and there was plenty around. I am proud to say that I stood up, I broke through the stigmas.

I am fighting a battle with my Mental Health with the support of my family and friends and organisations like Sirens of Silence Charity.

My goal now is to be an advocate and support anybody I can through the battle and build awareness and support to all those around me that it is #oktonotbeokay.

Where to from here? Train hard, don't dwell on negative thought process, look for the positives i.e. I just ran 2.88kms and got a sound result in a reasonable time and with training I will get better.

Join me if you dare!!

Please share the link below and encourage your friends and families to donate.

No discrimination, no limits, all fitness levels welcome, we need your support and donations to support Sirens of Silence Charity.

Register for the run @ https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?E=23322&G=48589

Thank You

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